Biological Studies on Bio-Yoghurt Fortified with Prebiotic Obtained from Jerusalem artichoke


Inulin, an oligosaccharide produced by several plants, has been shown to enhance the viability of pro-biotic cultures in milk through storage. Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) is an interested prebiotic because its tuber has risen content of inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides.

This study was aimed to:
1) set the effect of Jerusalem artichoke in different concentrations (2.5% & 5%) on the growth of probiotic Lb. acidophiles P106 in the bio-yoghurt during cold storage at 5˚C and sensory evaluation of probiotic yoghurt
2) study the effect of feeding with this symbiotic fermented milk on diabetic mice. It could be concluded that the Jerusalem artichoke influenced the growth of Lb. acidophiles P106 and 5% (w/v) Jerusalem artichoke was given the highest growth and sensory evaluation. On the other hand, no serious adverse effects were observed; the reduction of blood glucose was observed at the termination of empirical phase, also, high level (5%) of Jerusalem artichoke led to more reduction of blood glucose, cholesterol levels and total lipids compared with control.

Keywords: Functional Food, Pro-biotic, Jerusalem artichoke.
Introduction Yoghurt is a popular dairy product consumed in world.


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